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Monday, March 01, 2010

Got Dust?

So my wife has been pestering me to check the bags in the dust collection system, as it seemed the system has not been "sucking" very well lately. As the dust collection is being reconfigured to fit the new shop cabinets, including a new "hole-in-the-wall" for the ducts to the outside and to the machinery, seems this was a good time to check things.

The pictures here says it all. The garbage can is the "cyclone trap" on the way to the dust motor and impeller. Clearly it got full first followed by the lower bag in the main system (bottom picture). Overall about two small garbage cans full of dust.

Though I haven't emptied the system in a couple years, I was honestly surprised as I did not think I had really been cutting much in those years. Then again, I wouldn't know how much dust to expect.

This year will see more cutting and routing than before, so the lesson here is check the system early and often.
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Allan S said...

I ould use your mock up cabinets as the real deal, they look sweeeeet!...Allan