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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Shop Cabinets are DONE! (for now)

The BEFORE and the AFTER pictures.

Ok, so the cabinet doors need some adjustment. And I still havent figured where to put shelves in. I am expecting that to be determined in the coming months as items find their way into the cabinets.

These aint perfect. Made with leftover and cheap plywood from Home Depot and splashed with a coat of household latex paint.

From left to right: band saw, belt and spindle sanders (to the left, out of the picture), 6 inch jointer (stored under removable worksurface), compound miter saw, down draft table (under removeable worksurface, the "Shop Fox" thingy) and router table. That cheap metal router table in the picture doesnt really go there, in a few months I will install a flush router lift mechanism and fence arrangement in the MDF work surface. Dust collection is integral inside the cabinetry connected to the downdraft table, miter saw, jointer, sanders and band saw, and a floor sweep duct. And there is room for more ducting if needed.
From Building A Westsail 42: Latest Activity
So it took me a month longer than I planned. Oh well. I took some vacation time in there, plus I made those hanging wall cabinets that weren't in the original plan. Those are my excuses. Just glad to be done with it. On to actual boat building as the weather is starting to warm up (just a bit).

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