Friday, April 02, 2010

Asymmetry is Beautiful... NOT

It's driving me crazy. Testing out ergonomics and preparing to install more "detail" framing, forces you to look closer at things, of course. And, the closer you look, the greater the chance "defects" will be found.

In this particular example, test fitting the forward salon settee surfaces has revealed that the starboard side hull, in this area, is a bit more "shallow" than the port side. With everything else measuring fine from the center-line, gunwales, and side decks, all level/perpendicular, this is the one area where starboard hull surface does not match port. And, if you stare at it for a minute or two you can just see the extra "shallowness".

It will require the starboard settee backrest, forward end, to be "tweaked" closer to the center-line by about an inch or two. Of course, a similar matching tweak must be done to the port side to keep the interior lines symmetric, which is a must. The human eye is interesting in its ability to detect things like mismatched geometries and mismatched colors. Anyway, the tweak is minor. I guess this is another reason why its good to do mock-ups and testing.

This is the second time I have found asymmetry in the hull. And I shouldn't be surprised. After all, having been laid up in 1975, these hulls were not designed in CAD or had their molds cut with multi-axis CNC milling machines. It was all done by hand. Defects like this should be expected I suppose. So am I wanting too much from a 35 year old hull? Probably. If anything, perhaps I am experiencing the same thing boat carpenters did back then. Which is fine by me as solving problems is one of the fun aspects of this whole project.

So, for you Westsail 42 owners out there. Your boat's starboard side hull is a bit more shallow than the port side. So far, its all under the waterline, so you will never see it while in the water. And it is so slight, I doubt it affects the hydrodynamics of the boat. I wouldn't let it keep you up at night, lol.
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The Incredible Hull said...

Glad to see that you are still looking for logic where none exists. My total inability to saw wood in a straight line is perfectly suited to boat work, where there are no such lines. Thanks again for the coosa board.