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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Remember these previous posts about the bow pulpit? I think somewhere in there I said the goal was to have the bow pulpit done by spring time. Well, it ain't gonna happen. It hasn't even got beyond the design stage where I left off last fall. The reasons? The shop overhaul is one. The other is money. As with nearly everyone in this economy, we have taken a hit on funds that we can spend on this project. The stainless fabrication of the bow pulpit is not a trivial expense.

The good news is one can always spend more time refining a design, this is no exception. I have some ideas on how to test-fit/mock-up full scale model of the bow pulpit, using data collected on the anchor roller testing (see previous posts) so I can be more confident in what we want before stainless is cut and welded.

With luck, stainless construction may begin in a month or two, but it will go slowly. Anyway, like I always say, there is ALWAYS something work on with a project like this.


Bob said...

"Anyway, like I always say, there is ALWAYS something work on with a project like this."
Ain't that the truth.
Hi Robert: Just wanted to say hello after noticing that you linked to our site, Your boat looks great and progress seems good. The a-frame plat form bowsprit and pulpit are a bigger sub project than I thought they would be... all told I spent at least 250 hours on them total, and I have a bridgeport and a tig welder in my shop and did it all myself. Probably at least half those hours were just the design and thought process, as you have already done and are still doing. And, as you've said, money is a constant problem. Keep the faith.
Best, Bob

robert said...

Thanks for the kind words Bob. I can only hope this project comes out as nice as yours.

As for the pulpit welding, I have ABSOLUTELY NO experience welding anything. I would like to learn, but the pulpit is not something to learn on. I am having a local fabricator do it, so I want to especially make sure the design is right.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert

Thanks for the comments on the exhaust fitting.