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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Remember these previous posts about the bow pulpit? I think somewhere in there I said the goal was to have the bow pulpit done by spring time. Well, it ain't gonna happen. It hasn't even got beyond the design stage where I left off last fall. The reasons? The shop overhaul is one. The other is money. As with nearly everyone in this economy, we have taken a hit on funds that we can spend on this project. The stainless fabrication of the bow pulpit is not a trivial expense.

The good news is one can always spend more time refining a design, this is no exception. I have some ideas on how to test-fit/mock-up full scale model of the bow pulpit, using data collected on the anchor roller testing (see previous posts) so I can be more confident in what we want before stainless is cut and welded.

With luck, stainless construction may begin in a month or two, but it will go slowly. Anyway, like I always say, there is ALWAYS something work on with a project like this.

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