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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trying to Move Forward

I've been side tracked with a couple shop related projects (again) but its all good. I did manage to finish the final plywood mockup of the forward salon settees. It will require some trimming back of the cabinet supports under the side deck in order to maintain good symmetry. All the ergonomics feel good.

There was a compromise on symmetry. In the picture you can see the forward corner of the port settee sliced off as you approach the door to the head. This was done to maintain consistent width as one approaches the 24 inch wide door to the head, which will be a pocket door offset on the center line (most Westsail's had these as swinging doors right smack in the middle). We are planning pocket doors throughout and this settee modification was necessary.

The side effect is that it makes this part of the settee pretty much useless for sitting. But we don't expect to be sitting there anyway. It is a perfect place, however, for one of the dogs to curl up and nap. Can't forget about them. We also have an idea of putting a cabin heater on the bulkhead there some point in the future. Anyway, this compromise has been planned all along. The early CAD drawings revealed that this would be necessary to accommodate the pocket doors. So it is not unexpected.

As this frame in begins, it is necessary to think about mechanicals in this area. Particularly, the fresh water deckfill system, forward bilge pump and thru-hull, and conduits for electrical and domestic water. Its kinda nice to be getting back to mechanicals after cutting and fiberglassing Coosa all this time.

Also need to think about hull insulation. Anyone have recommendations on insulation material?
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The Incredible Hull said...

I believe in learning from the best (assuming I can afford it).

This is the Dashew solution.

robert said...

That Armaflex stuff looks ideal. Thanks for that!