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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Done With This Modeling Business

Meaning the bow pulpit modeling business.

Further spurred on by a link sent to me by Gerry, over at The Incredible Hull, showing Anchorlift Bow Rollers, I decided to copy their "pivoting roller" design. After a little tweaking of the cheek plate shapes and plywood model testing, no problem! Works like a charm, and just as shown in the Anchorlift videos. An added bonus: I think this new design will accommodate Rocna style anchors as is. The previous design could not without some extra attachments.

From Building A Westsail 42: Latest Activity

Also, I cleaned up the PVC model of the bow pulpit platform and did a final fitting to the bow. Turns out my drawings, based on the original 30 year old Westsail 42 bow pulpit design drawings, were spot on. The aft brackets matched the caprail perfectly, and symmetrically.

From Building A Westsail 42: Latest Activity

After all these models and design tweaks, we are ready to start fabricating (finally!). I will be finalizing the drawings this week and hope to bring those, and perhaps these models, to our stainless fabrication guy by the end of this week.

This is for real folks,

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