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Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting Ready for the Weekend

Long weekend coming up, but we are staying home to work on projects. Just as well as the forecast indicates less cooperative weather for your typical three day weekend enjoyment activities (it is quite stormy and wet as I type this).

The trick, in order to keep the up momentum, is to get started early. This, in turn, requires prep work during the week ("It's all in the prep").

So, I have been ordering parts and supplies as well as hunting down tools in the shop. I have had too many project weekends where I had to stop early because I "forgot" about this part, or that material. And, of course, its always something you just can't run down to the hardware store, or the local West Marine, to pick up.

The project list for this weekend:

  • Final Glass Taping of forward salon supports
  • Spot/Install deck fills
  • Cut and dryfit rigid PVC plumbing for the fresh water tank fills
  • More interior hull paint.
  • Pressure wash the exterior (weather allowing)
  • Begin electrical conduit installation under the side decks.
  • Begin portside tank locker installation (weather allowing)
A little damp weather is ok so long as its not too hot or too cold for the glasswork.

There, I have now placed the pressure on myself. We'll see how realistic this task list was come Tuesday. Look for a full report next week.
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Colin said...

As You are now getting to the woodwork this is a site to check out. He is doing the interior of a Diesel Duck. The guys work is great and he will help you in any way he can. Please check it out

robert said...

Thanks for the link Colin. Definitely worth bookmarking. He is doing some great stuff there. I can only hope my work turns out as good!