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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Blank Canvas: The Engine Room

The time has come to give thought to/start building out the engine room. Unlike the rest of the interior, it need not look aesthetically pleasing. Functional, well organized and space efficient are the top design qualities here.

So far, my feature/quality list is

  • storage for parts/tools/doodads
  • a "shop" work surface that will include things like a vise. Must be strong enough that I can pound things on it with a hammer.
  • storage for parts/tools/doodads
  • a secure, yet easily stow-able seat (where the bucket is in the picture).
  • storage for parts/tools/doodads 
  • easy access to ship's mechanical, plumbing, electrical bits and equipment
  • storage for parts/tools/doodads 
  • bright, well illuminated, including "crawl spaces"
  • a force field (12 or 24 volt) under the floor for catching small expensive parts so they don't get lost forever in the bilge.
Anything else? What do you like/hate about your engine room? What is the one feature you wish you had?

1 comment:

The Incredible Hull said...

Best sailboat engine room I saw had a small seat where the owner could sit when doing routine maintenance, oil, belts etc. The hunkering down things gets old as we get old.