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Monday, June 21, 2010

Dive Tank Locker is In!

And it ain't comin' out! Constructed from fiberglass tubing, coosa, glass and epoxy. Thru-bolted, glued, leak tested. Still needs a permanent lid and some paint (which will happen when the deck is refinished). I will let the slide show speak for itself. Generally everything went according to plan, with just a couple hiccups (nothing that couldn't be easily recovered from).

With this construction technique proven, I will follow a similar plan for the construction of the propane tank lockers. In fact I have a couple ideas to make that project easier. More on that later.

Design Note: While this locker was "planned" it was not high on the feature list. We are divers (occasionally) and expect to do more in the future. But, simply put, the layout of the boat revealed a dead space in this area that could not be easily accessed from the inside, so this is how we chose to use that space. When not carrying tanks, the lockers could be used as a typical lazarette, holding coils of line, fenders, etc.

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