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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Autumn Cometh

Fall is here. Maybe not "officially" (when that is I am not sure), but it is here. You can tell by the angle of the sun in the late afternoon, the sky is getting darker earlier, and there is that familiar "smell" of autumn. The year so far has been a tough one. Lots of ups and downs on many fronts: family, friends, jobs, vacations, etc. Strangely, as erratic as the boat project has seemed in the past, this year it has been the one of the more constant bits of life. Kind of like a well set anchor, if you'll pardon the pun.

Fall has typically been a "slow" time for the boat project, what with colder wet weather and all that. But focus is shifting to completing the interior. With the deck bonded, chain plates and deck lockers installed, much work can now be done regardless of what mother nature is doing outside.

So, I am determined to make fall as busy as possible. Particularly, get as much done on the inside, so I can be ready to attack the outside come the dry weather next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me and keep watching this space.
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