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Friday, September 17, 2010

Forward Cleats are IN!

Folding, spring loaded, popup cleats from Accon Marine. Admittedly, I am not that fond of the look. But the choice was function over form. I was originally considering the ABI hawsecleats, but ABI shut its doors when the economy tanked. I managed to get the last pair of their standard cast stainless steel hawsepipes, figuring I would put a standard herreshoff style cleat next to them. Then I came across these and thought: Hey! How many times, when sailing, have we had the jib sheet give way from the winch and had the wind flog the sheet until it gets snagged on the bow cleat? Thus, requiring a trip from the cockpit to the bow to unfoul?  It has happened to us a number of times. PITA I tell you. Especially when it is really windy and wavy (the most likely conditions when the jib sheet will foul of course).

Some of you out there will balk and say "Hey, that is a moving part! Moving parts will fail!" Yes, that is true. All I can say is that these are beefy. The primary parts are cast 316 stainless steel. The horn part appears solid. I figure if these don't work out I can always install a standard cleat later.

Installed with a 3/8 inch aluminum backing plate. Threaded of course, such that it can be removed by one person, with one tool. To make those future paint jobs easy.


The Incredible Hull said...

Very cool, nice lateral (vertical) thinking and no stubbed toes.

robert said...

or ankle bites! ;-)