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Monday, September 27, 2010

MIG Welding: How Hard Can It Be?

There is a new tool in the shop. A MIG welder. Even though this boat is fiberglass, there are a number of things I can think of where this welder will come in handy (brackets, braces, mounts, etc). In addition to a few projects around the house. I don't know why, but I have always had this notion that welding is a "black magic" sort of skill. Maybe its because I had always heard that it takes a lot of experience to be "really good" at it. But that can be said for just about any skill, right? So, if it just requires some time, how hard can it be?

This unit is a 220V Lincoln Electric 180 HD. New, I got on eBay for a reasonable price. Supposedly it can weld aluminum and stainless with some extra added accessories (a spool gun for one). Research on the internet says that, for welding stainless, TIG welding is preferred if you want the finish welds to look good, otherwise MIG works ok. But I report that having no experience of my own, yet. Depending on how this goes, maybe we will look into TIG welding later.

To help get our feet wet (!figuratively speaking of course!), we are taking an "intro to welding" course at the local community college over the next few weeks. Should be fun. I expect we will have a bunch of "unplanned" metal art coming from our garage over the next few months LOL.

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