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Monday, September 20, 2010

More Deck Hardware: Padeyes for the Runners

Just in, before the soon-to-be permanent rainy season sets in. Beefy padeyes from Schaefer Marine. Cast 316 stainless steel, 8000lb safe working load.  Two of them, port and starboard. These are where the running backstay (often called runners) will attach. Some original Westsails had these padeyes mounted to the deck. I opted to move them up onto the inside of the bulwark. Thus converting them from nasty toe-stubbers to somewhat more desirable ankle-biters. Backed with quarter inch threaded aluminum plate.


Allan S said...

I love the fact that you are using backing plates. My boat only had washers for back ups. I have been replacing those with 1/4 inch alumnium plates, Iknow, I know, stainless and alumnium don't play well together but this is my practice

robert said...

Thanks Allan. There is a product to deal with the Aluminum/Stainless dissimilar metals problem. Its called Tef-Gel and it does eliminate/dramatically reduces corrosion. We have used it for years on our small boat and it works great. See