Thursday, October 21, 2010

Considering Design Changes

I think in some post, way back, I stated that we would not have a 'dedicated' nav station. Instead, we would have the main dinette double as the nav station. My reasoning behind this is 1) I think a 'navigators throne', as they so often seem on boats, is kind of silly. Especially when you have the main dinette close by with plenty of space to lay down your chart. 2) Being the one who does most of the cooking, I would rather have more galley space.

But, I can see the value when it comes to a "centralized" spot for your electronics and electrics. So with that, I am toying with a design idea stolen from a local Westsail 42, 'Aku Aku' (hey Bruce!).

Here, a corner of the forward salon is sacrificed as a small nav station. The table is not big enough to lay paper charts, but it is close to the port side cabinetry to allow plenty of space to mount/conceal electronics and devices with their wire runs. The original layout of the forward salon kind of made this settee somewhat useless anyway, what with the pathway to the forward head.

The seat for the table would be what is left of the port settee, and it would be rear facing, which may be kind of a pain when underway. But, with nav electronics at the binnacle, the main dinette table used for paper charts, and possible electronics repeaters at the dinette, this small nav station may get little use while underway.

Mockups for the table are shown here with the existing cabinetry mockup.

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