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Sunday, November 28, 2010

eBay 'Saved Searches' Rewards Those Who Are Patient

You may remember a post I did last summer talking about 3M RFI shielding tape that I was planning to use to shield the electrical conduit. The roll of tape (18 yards) in the picture cost me about $55 retail.

I bought only one to see if it would work for what I had planned (it will). But the thing stopping me from buying more was the price. I could locate only a couple online sources of this tape (mostly electronics parts retailers) and all were selling this stuff for $50-$60 a roll. I pestered my regular local marine supplier, who also sells 3M, but he could not get it (something about 3M's Marine Division and Electrical Division and how they really don't talk to each other). So it was looking pretty bleak. I really did not want to pay $50 per roll. Oh well, as I was not ready to install conduit just yet, I figured I would keep my eyes open. So I created a "saved search" on eBay for the tape, '3M 1183'. A "saved search" will continually monitor eBay's listings and send you email if something comes up that matches. As luck would have it, THE DAY I was about to give up and start installing conduit, a listing popped up!

This particular listing was from a business liquidation, advertising a lot of 25 rolls (36 yards each) of this tape. To spare you the calculations, it ended up costing $5 a roll. I jumped on it and purchased the lot, which I received earlier this week. Now I have more than I will ever need (which I guess is better than not enough?).

Sometimes, it really does pay to be patient.

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