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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Engine Room Worksurface

Finally got the engine room work surface cut this last weekend. This will be the "workbench" in the engine room to be used just as you would use one in your garage. Some of the features
  • base for bench vise (to be added later)
  • recessed pockets for temporary storage of little bits and bobs from any project that may be happening (there will be a secure-able removable cover that will fit over these pockets)
  • a "fiddle grove" along the outer edge to help catch things from "rolling away" off the edge of the table.
  • the surface thru-bolted to the bulkhead using 3/8 inch bolts and tee-nuts (removable by one-person-one-tool!)
This piece took about four or five days to cut with the machine. It was that long mostly due to my own mistakes and unfamiliarity with the new 3D CNC software I am using. Lets just say I know better next time.

It was cut from a pre-made laminated maple workbench surface, 1 3/4" thick, that you can get from places like Grizzly.

It still needs some "hand finishing and repair" with a router, chisel and sander before the final varnish is applied. That will come some time later when the engine room nears completion.

Thanks to Bruce on W42 Aku Aku for this idea!

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