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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shop Cleanup

By making this post, I am committed to cleaning and organizing the shop. The shop has been really messy lately. It is getting to the point where even I cant stand it. But I realize, with holiday downtime coming up, a clean, organized shop increases chances of getting more projects done during that time. If it is not done by Monday, readers have permission to verbally scold me in the comments section. lol.

I'll post follow up pictures.


The Incredible Hull said...

Thank God, I thought I was the only one who worked in this level of chaos. Happy Christmas to all. Gerry

She:Kon said...

Scold? Naw. My ole' grandpa used to always say to me: "never trust a guy with a clean workshop, he's not good 'nuff to be busy!"

Good work, carry on!

briggs said...

Ha, you don't know the meaning of messy! I can't find the tablesaw half the time...

She:Kon said...

Ya know what Einstein said eh? "Only the greatest minds have the messiest desks!"