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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Forward Battery Box

... is IN!
Nothing really fancy here. Just your typical marine polypropylene molded battery box. It will hold two 12 volt, Group 27 size starter batteries, to supply the momentary, yet, high current power to the nearby electric bow thruster and electric windlass (both of which will be 24 volt).
The location is under the forward v-berth. For potential future modifications, the installation has been thru-bolted instead of glued/tapping screwed for future removal. Even though Coosa is promoted as a plywood replacement, it does not hold tapping screws as well as plywood. So, with something as heavy as these batteries, the points that will bear the load of weight are all thru-bolted. This includes thru-bolted cleats holding up the floor board and thru-bolted side attachments to the fore/aft support of the battery box.
There are cleats around the base perimeter, to keep movement of the box to a minimum when underway.

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