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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gold, Silver and... Stainless Steel

We have all been there before. You go to the rack of your fastener stock looking for the "proper" size screw for the job on hand. You pull open the corresponding tray and find it empty. This is usually followed by mumbling to oneself something like "damn, I really need to order more of those". You then proceed to find your "second choice" screw size that is not ideal, but will do the job adequately. Should you find the second choice empty, you mumble (perhaps shout) a more violent expletive. You proceed to look for your "third choice". And so on...

Repeat this for a number of weeks and/or months till you finally snap and get off your ass to make an order to replenish stocks. Well, I was a victim of this a couple weeks ago. With the number of empty plastic trays stacking up in the "to be ordered" pile, I finally made the order.

Besides refilling existing sizes, I added some new ones that I wish I had, but was unable to find previously. Stainless steel ain't cheap. And our preference for square drive heads doesn't make it any cheaper. It was painful.

The UPS driver pulled up to the front of the house to deliver the order, greeted with a cacophony of barks and growls from two little 15 pound black dogs, both intent on tearing this guy apart (standard canine behavior with ANY UPS driver). As I walked towards the garage, carrying the package, I found myself wishing these fasteners were made silver, or better yet, gold. Given the cost of stainless steel, I feel the need to treat them as such (as I write this, silver is $28/oz and gold is $1338/oz).

1 comment:

Ben Eriksen said...

Oh, I so know what you mean! I got a bunch of fasteners on board, but they're never the right ones. Thanks for words of wisdom on the ICOM706.