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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinette Riser Cabinet... has begun. These are the cabinets that make up the "riser" for the dinette, raising it up about 12-13 inches from the floor. The carcases were "almost" finished, as, with one piece left to cut, I ran out of plywood. There are four base cabinets. The forward three will have side pull-out drawers.
The foremost cabinet will be wide, with multiple shallow drawers for the admiral to store her paper charts. The middle two cabinets will be narrow, each with a single deep drawer, for the cook to store his canned food supplies.
The aft cabinet, for general storage, will not have a side drawer (companionway stairs would block it) but will be accessible via a false floor under the aft settee.

All cabinets have been designed for "easy" removal, for when the day comes that tanks need to be removed (hopefully never), one does not have to cut things out to do so. Also, each cabinet is designed small enough to fit through the companionway.

Pictures show the pieces being dry fitted in place.

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