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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enter More "Traditional" Building Materials

Marine plywood. Compared to Coosa Board, plywood is

  • cheaper
  • easier to paint
  • holds screws better

but it is also

  • heavier
  • weaker with bonds using epoxy
  • more messy to cut

Plywood will be used for semi-structural/non structural uses where there is no bonding/glassing to the hull. Moreover, the really cheap, ...uh, 'less expensive' Chinese marine plywood will be used in non-outward facing areas (it is guaranteed to have more voids and the edges cut a bit rough).


Anonymous said...

My experience with ply-epoxy is the ply always fails before the epoxy. The only advantage I see over Foam is rot, but with modern epoxies that's kinda a non-issue

robert s said...

You cant beat Coosa for resin adhesion. No matter how much you rough up plywood, or use a penetrating epoxy, you cant get close to the porosity of Coosa (and hence the adhesion). But, the porosity is what makes Coosa a PITA to paint too.