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Friday, March 11, 2011

DC Electrical Panel Design... in progress. This is for the engine room.

It will be used for "24 hour" loads (like bilge pumps) and a few switched loads. Mostly for stuff that will be "set and forget". But I don't know every load item, and may never. In our experience, load items will be added and removed over time as we change our minds, always.

So the question is, "how many circuits do you plan for?"

With the uncertainty, I am tempted to answer "as much as real estate will allow".



She:Kon said...

I designed and built my own AC/DC dist panel. It wasn't so much to see if I could it cheaper, you can't, but to keep my hands busy last winter.

I planned for 12 AC and 16 DC circuits. Two of the DC circuits power upper and lower panel buss's. I'm using an ATC style fuse box with 24 DC circuits.

I thought long and hard to what needed to be carved into he panel for labels. It didn't work out all that great. I wouldn't recommend going this route. A panel with peel & stick labels is best.

My two cents worth.

Carry on with the good work.


The Incredible Hull said...

As you know I have gone a different route for my DC system (Mastervolt) but it will have 30 circuits, with an easy upgrade to more.

I like keeping the DC and AC separate and I will have a separate AC panel near the chart table. I am talking to Blue Seas at the moment and it looks promising.

robert s said...

Yeah, I am still eye-ing the Mastervolt system. This panel will be for those DC items that would not be included with that system (I figure there will always be a few). I am a few months out on this so there is plenty of time to think about it.

The Incredible Hull said...


I presume you have checked out these guys;

robert s said...

Thanks Gerry. FrontPanelExpress, yeah I have seen them, very cool stuff. I am definitely considering them (or equivalent) for some other "panel tasks".

She:Kon said...

My panel was made by FrontPanel Express. Very nice work. You have to pay special attention to the spacing of the switches etc. behind the panel more than in front! ;-)

I'd like to do an overhead console and will likely use FrontPanel Express again.