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Friday, March 25, 2011


During the middle of an important and complex cut, one of the drive motors of the CNC table sheared at the shaft. Funny thing was, just like my old cordless drill, it wasnt under a heavy load, it just sort of 'let go' (the tool was above the table and simply moving from one point to another).

Of course, my supplier is out of these motors, and you shouldn't mix motors with different torque ratings. Which means, if I want the machine back up soon, I need to order a new set of motors.

In boating there is a rule about having "spares" for critical systems that I think applies here?

Left: drive motor now with no shaft. Right: shaft coupler with piece of shaft sticking out.
UPDATE: Jury Rigged using a Little Red Motor
After a bit of creative thought, swapping existing motors on the machine, and raiding one of my other projects of it's motor, I managed to get the machine working. This red motor is weaker than the other motors, but using it for the Z-axis should be ok. Should get me by until the new motors arrive. Also, I managed to save the original cut! So, the weekend is not a total loss.

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