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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Electronics Cabinet Carcase

Last weekend, I cut, glued and screwed together the cabinet carcase for what is intended to be "electronics central" for the boat. This cabinet will house the main units for devices that have remote control heads. The main cpus of devices such as computers, radios, etc will be in this cabinet.
Freshly assembled. Next, some sanding and paint.
Shown in the picture are black mounting rails ($20 on eBay) that accept a standard 19 inch wide rack mount devices. This is the same size you typically see in large computer IT installations with racks of computer equipment. Or in recording studios with racks of effect processors, etc. You can get (or make) pretty much anything in this standard size including computers, shelves, general enclosures, etc. The hope is that this will help in the organization and modification of the electronics systems over time. I am hoping to avoid "rats nests" of wires as things are added and removed.
The current rats nest aboard the small boat. Just what I am hoping to avoid.
The cabinet will fit in the side space underneath the dinette table, left of the footwell, against the hull.
Dry fitted in place.
Other features planned for this cabinet
  • Integral DC power sub-panel
  • Mounted on removable over-extending drawer slides. This will allow the entire unit to slide out to allow side and rear access to connections. Or, with the disconnection of the electronics head units, the cabinet can be removed entirely from the boat.
  • Integral cooling fans to keep the devices cool.
  • Key locked to prevent theft.

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