Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Engine Room Floor...

... is in, with hatches for storage underneath. This is the floor upon which one would sit while at the workbench in the engine room. Flavored with Bilgekote White and silica non-skid sprinkles, the hatch covers include stainless folding twist latches to positively lock them down (one wouldn't want stuff falling out when the boat is upside-down, right?) The hinges are mortised and the latches are recessed to keep toe-stubs to a minimum (though later I will probably put something like Dri-Dek over it). Now, its not perfect; the paint/primer is not that smooth and there was a mistake cutting one of the hatch covers. It ended up being a bit narrower than it was suppose to be. So the reveal on the sides is a bit wider than the top and bottom. Oh well. Its only the engine room. I can always recut/repaint the hatch cover if it keeps me up at night.
Joining, assembling, glueing and screwing.

Finished floor with hardware, paint, non-skid.

The smallest of the hatches.

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The Incredible Hull said...

Damn, it looks better that my galley work-surface.