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Saturday, April 09, 2011

How Things Are Really Happening

Some time ago, after the floor supports and primary bulkheads had been glassed in, I speculated how the rest of the build might proceed. I think I said something like "Easy, I will start at each end and move to the middle". Well, as is often the case in this kind of project, things don't quite go the way you had planned. So far things are turning out to be just the opposite, and for good reasons. One being, I am still undecided on bow pulpit and steering mechanism design, and not that keen on making the capital outlay for those just yet (read: I don't have the money). It is ending up as building from the middle and moving outward. This has its advantages:

  • with electrical, plumbing, mechanical mostly centralized in the engine room and moving outward, it gives a lot of opportunity for organizing and running the "tentacles" outward to the rest of the boat as the local areas and systems are are built out
  • the cabinets in the main salon (dinette risers and galley cabinet carcases) provide a nice temporary storage space for tools, parts, etc,  that are already accumulating inside the boat, needed for the current "semi-finish" build phase. Helps keep me from tripping over bits and moving them from one place to another.
  • And, the extra height provided by the dinette riser puts my portable workbenches at a nice height that doesn't kill my back.

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