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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Cabinet Carcases... the galley. I added the large drawer assembly on the right, and the small under-stove one on the left. Just dry fitted for now.  Not quite a perfect assembly and paint job, but it will be covered up and the carcases should be square enough for the drawers. I did make a mistake cutting the small one on the left. The side supports don't extend far enough forward, I wont be able to put the face frame on it. I think I can fix it by trimming out the front, or I may just re-cut it entirely.

Stove space on the left, drawer underneath. Drawers on the right.
Closeup. All have removable access panel to get at the space against the hull.

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Anonymous said...

the lucky owner of a Luger voyager 30 like your blog its giving me much help on my boat it to is a bare hull and i am the 3 owner i have done mor than the last 2 owners. nice work thanks for the tips and tricks