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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lots of Glue...

...was used to permanently install the under sidedeck cleats and the overhead rail cleat for the aft pocket doors. The cleats were made from Coosa board and were glued with a methacrylate structural adhesive (ITW Plexus) which is less messy and easier to use than thickened epoxy and glass, and just as strong (perhaps stronger).

One of the sidedeck cleats. The small pockets are for tee nuts for fastening the grab rails.
When gluing the sidedeck cleats, I used a few small tapping screws underneath, screwed into the core of the side deck, to clamp and hold the pieces in place while the glue set up.
Applying the magic grey stuff (Plexus)
A generous fillet of thickened epoxy was filled between the cleats and deck. This will keep water, due to any future leaking portlight, from finding its way behind the cabinets.

Thickened epoxy fillet.
The cleats are now quite sturdy and have no movement. I am confident they are strong enough to hold a 250lb person grabbing the rail in a rocking boat.

Pocket door overhead cleat and rail
The overhead cleat for the aft pocket door rail was done similarly. clamped with a couple bolts through temporary drill holes in the cockpit. Its never coming out.

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