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Monday, May 09, 2011

Under Side-Deck Cleats: Dry-Fit

Not knowing a better name for these, I am calling them the "under side-deck cleats." I cut and dry-fitted them last weekend.

Starboard side. Cleat runs horizontal just below the turn of the cabin-side.
The purpose of these is to provide an attachment point for the top edge of the upper cabinet faces and frames. It will also be the mount point for the interior side-deck "grab rails". The grab rails will run the length of the interior along the corner where the cabin side turns into the side deck. The idea is that, when you are down below while underway, and the boat lurches unexpectedly, you will always have something solid to grab onto. We have these in our small boat and like them a lot. The groove of the rails is also nice for temporarily storing small items (sunglasses, small books, etc, stuff that doesn't hurt should they go flyin').
Port side. Test grab rail fitted.
For grins, I cut a couple sample sections of the "grab-rail" out of plywood scraps and attached them to the cleats to get an idea of how it might look and feel. I tried a couple different dimensions.
Starboard side. Test grab rail fitted.
When the final grab rails are  installed (during the finish trim phase, much later) they will also serve to mount and conceal some strip LED lighting that will be used to illuminate the cabin and the countertops.
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