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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

More Engine Musings

Seems there have been more parallel hybrids coming on the marine engine scene. I just stumbled upon another. French marine engine maker Nanni Diesel. Their engines are based on Kubota, Toyota and other blocks. Their parallel hybrid approach is flywheel integrated rather than belt drive (as with the Beta Marine approach). The integrated flywheel approach makes for a more compact installation with less frictional losses. A downside is the DC motor is not as easily accessed for servicing.
This integrated approach is also used by Steyr Motors (an Austrian engine maker, formerly part of Daimler for most of the 1900s). However, apparently Nanni's DC motor can be adapted to other marine engines based on the same Kubota or Toyota blocks. Steyr's DC motor can only be used with a Steyr engine.

Very interesting stuff.

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