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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Temporary Companionway Hatch

The Westsail did not come with any companionway hatch. It did come with a real heavy fiberglass hatch lid that supposedly is for a Westsail 42 (that I can't be sure as I have not seen similar on other W42s). So to keep weather out I had cobbled together some plywood bits and used this hatch lid. It was fairly functional, albeit some what of a pain to deal with on deck. With the weather finally getting into the plywood it started delaminating like crazy. Last week I took advantage of the dry weather to cut a more "semi-permanent" solution.
Previous "hatch"
New "semi-permanent" hatch, still needing some more paint.
One of the construction goals was to use materials and hardware I already on hand (read: spend no more money). So from some scraps of CDX plywood and a couple hinges from a big box of unused hardware, came the temporary companionway hatch. A quick splash of paint and it should last longer than the previous solution (hopefully).

As for keeping out the rain, I expect I will have to do more (maybe some sort of weather stripping). The real test will be the upcoming 'pressure washer weekend'.

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