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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hard Dodger Designs

When out boating, we often see other sailboats with "hard" dodgers around the cockpit (as opposed to soft canvas dodgers). However, as most dodgers are an add-on, after the boat has been built, their designs tend to be more functional than aesthetic causing things to look a bit weird.

So I started playing with some designs trying to match some angles and proportions of the Westsail's cabin trunk. I am trying to get something that looks like it belongs on a Westsail 42, but I ain't no designer. This is of course a work in progress. Any questions/comments/ideas/suggestions appreciated.

View forward
View aft


The Incredible Hull said...

A hard dodger of some form is high on my priority list, check out;

robert s said...

Thanks for the link Gerry. Yes THAT is the sort of thing I am thinking of, if i could only draw something like that! LOL.

jc luddite said...

also look here at CKD from .s. africa. they ship all over the world, may save some time and headache.

Anonymous said...

Re matching the design.... Make the angles match the forward section of the cabin trunk
Put mall windows in the sides that match the cabin trunk windows
Taper the dodger sides inward at the top".... To match the cabin top