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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mizzen Mast Step

Is in and ain't coming out!

This is one of those things that has been nagging for a while that I just never got around to. But it has become a blocker for some other work in the aft cabin. Namely, finishing the AquaDrive installation and starting the steering installation.

The step is for the compression post for the mizzen mast. It is large block of laminated 3/4 inch Coosa board. Very light and very strong. As there is no wiggle room for the placement of the mizzen mast, the spot for the step is pretty much constant. Since the aft cabin had to be designed and built around this piece, it was constructed and dryfitted early on in the project. It has simply been resting in place up until now.

Shaping the step
Originally I shaped the block to mate with the curve of the bilge by running the piece through the bandsaw a couple times. For final gluing, a closer fit is desired. So I took a grinder to it to gradually smooth out the hard points.
Gluing the Step
In the boat, I ground away the paint from the bilge surfaces and wiped with acetone to prep it for the glue (Plexus methacrylate structural adhesive).
Step installed. Its not coming out.
After a few generous beads of glue on the mating surfaces, set the block in, tap it down, and squeegee out any glue that squirts out the sides.

The glue may be somewhat overkill as the block need only be kept from moving. The forces on it will be compressive from the top and the shaping of the block to the hull helps resist any side-to-side and fore/aft movement. But the glue will ensure that it stays put.

Yes I could of used thickened epoxy here, but sometimes the convenience of the glue is hard to resist.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

That's pretty awesome! The support for our mast is a bunch of pieces of wood all separate and needing replacement.

Great Job!