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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Online Community Resources: What Do You Read?

Here are a few that I browse...
  • - Anything and everything related to boat design and construction, professional and amateur
  • Panbo - The scoop on marine electronics
  • Cruisers Forum - Mostly about cruising but some content on maintenance and DIY
  • Wooden Boat Forum - Wooden boat building and maintenance
Readers, please post a comment and share any sites you have found useful in your project.


Tate said...

I will second cruisersforum. Its a good place to ask just about any question. I've tried to get into Panbo but the problem is that they are way too high tech and spendy for me. I can only look upon their glorious electronics and wish... Maybe if we won the lotto. Our idea of high tech is LED lights and a hand held GPS fix instead of a sextant. I'll check out the other sites. I was surprised you didn't mention sailnet. I don't like it as much as CF but it isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find this equal to the cruisers forum in terms of quality of answers, a little more freedom as there isn't some admin watching over your shoulder, only you and they other members.

Marcus said...

Love your blog. I have been following this guy. Really fun watching him. He has restored more than the boat on the link I have here. Click around on his site and he has more projects.

robert s said...

Thanks Marcus. Thanks for the link. I love those little Fisher PHs. Bookmarked it.