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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Engine Room Worksurface

Is in! This is the workbench in the engine room to accommodate small projects. Its construction was an exercise in 3D routing and inlays. It ain't perfect, but thats ok, this is the engine room. Made from 2 inch laminated maple (which you can buy pre-made at places like Grizzly). The "Westsail" inlay was cut from some scrap teak.

  • along the back (white painted area, which is Coosa) openings cut for wire and hose chases.
  • On the table, along the back, five pockets were routed to hold the small bits of projects to help keep them sorted. This will eventually get some sort of hinged locking plastic cover.
  • A fiddle groove along the edge, to help catch roll-y type bits from falling off and disappearing into the bilge
  • The small leg of the "L" shape (right side in the picture) is intended for mounting a bench vise of some sorts.
  • Table piece is all thru-bolted for easy removal if necessary.

1 comment:

Tate said...

Having the Westsail in there like that is very sweet!