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Monday, October 10, 2011

Aft Bilge Pumps are In!

Previously, in this last post, I had the pump assembly test fitted. This weekend I did the final wiring and plumbing. Again, there are two pumps here. One high capacity 'crash' pump and a smaller 'dry' pump. The high capacity pump is a Jabsco heavy duty diaphragm style pump that can more easily suck up debris without damaging the pump. The pump is not submersible sits up higher in the boat located underneath the aft cabin berth for easy access and servicing. All wiring complete and tested. I still need to do a "wet" test.
Pickup assembly in the bilge. The green thing is the Aquadrive thrust bearing and shaft coupler. 
Pump on the left. Eventually will be covered by berth cabinetry.
Pump 'in' and 'out' plumbing left, discharge seacock right.
It occurred to me, that despite the "easy" servicing nature of the pickup assembly, in practice, the prop shaft will need to be decoupled from the Aquadrive and slid aft in order to fully service the assembly. Things are just too cramped and deep in the bilge. Oh well. At least the Aquadrive make things easier, a traditional long straight prop shaft would be harder to deal with.
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