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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Engine Room Boxed In

The engine room is now looking more like a "room". The framing surrounding the area is complete and the wall panels have been test-fitted. I have been somewhat apprehensive about this moment, as, in the early days I 'eyeballed' the placement of the floor supports relative to the cockpit in order to maximize the living space surrounding the engine room (especially the tunnel from the main salon to the aft cabin). This was way back when the deck had not yet been aligned and fastened to the hull, and I was not sure what the pocket door mechanisms would be. In the end, things have lined up pretty good. I may have to shim out the lower pocket door rails with a spacing washer or two to make things plumb, but all in all, it is looking pretty good.
Engine Room, looking to starboard aft.

Engine Room, looking to starboard fwd. An engine will appear here someday.

The design of the paneling is such that they can later be removed, without cutting things up, to maximize openings to the cabin. This is to accommodate large items/equipment that cannot fit through the companionway and, instead, must be passed through the cockpit floor, into the engine room, and out one of the sides into the tunnel or the aft cabin. The panels are held in by machine screws and can be unfastened and removed with one-person/one-tool. Ultimately, one may have to destroy some trim to get to the fasteners in the end. But otherwise, removal should be easy.
Paneling between aft cabin and engine room. Pocket doors are behind this.

The aft panel has a one inch gap for the pocket doors between the aft cabin/engine room and aft cabin/tunnel. I am waiting on some final hardware for the pocket doors and hope to have them test fitted and adjusted soon.
Looking forward through the tunnel. Trying to  maximize elbow room here.

This is by no means "final". The panels were cut an inch or two wider than  necessary to get a feel for things and will probably be narrowed in the end. The interior decor has yet to be decided. But when ready, the panels can easily come out for final finishing.
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