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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Getting Dark

No, I don't meant the onset of winter, nor the state of the global economy (if you pay attention to that). I am referring to the interior of the boat. With the (black) insulation going up where ever there is exposed hull, it gets a bit difficult to see. Even with the shop lights on.
Overhead of the forward salon (port)

Insulation has been cut and installed in the forward and main salon, including the overhead, under-deck. At the same time, the cleats for the attachment of the final interior cladding (whatever we decide it to be) has been glued and set.
Overhead of forward salon (port) after cleat/insulation install.

The cleats are made from the low density grade Coosa, 1 inch thick, that curves nicely with the deck. Glued with epoxy and set with a couple tapping screws. The cleats have 10-24 tee nuts embedded every six inches. This should be enough to hold up whatever overhead we decide, with some sort of hardwood strip.

Main salon overhead (before insulation)
Main salon overhead (after insulation)
We are going with machine screws instead of tapping screws because we know what happens after you uninstall/install the overhead with tapping screws a number of times (the material gets stripped leaving no bite for the screw).

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