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Friday, December 30, 2011

Forward Salon Final Frame-in Has Begun

I caught my second wind a little early this year (as I usually do after the holidays). This I week started the final finish frame-in of the forward salon settees. What I mean by "finish frame-in" is all the big bits that go in before any final paint, hardwood trim or veneer. This marks the first task of this type so far on the project and I have been a little apprehensive about cutting anything while thinking and re-thinking, measuring and re-measuring before proceeding.
Forward Salon Area

Parts of the settees, with storage locker door access.

So far it has been going ok, with only a few mistakes (nothing that could not be recovered). Look for a progress report with pictures next week.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Galley Counter 'Hidden' Storage

The depth of the drawers in the galley is limited by the distance opposite to the galley sink cabinet. This leaves a  lot of dead space behind the drawers. Of course I never want to leave space go to waste. So, the design of the "behind counter" storage includes a false floor to access this unused space underneath.
Storage "liner boxes"

Example:Large olive oil container.

Lots of room for it and other items.

False floors in place.
The split false floors mean you don't have to remove EVERYTHING from the upper storage to get at the lower storage.