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Saturday, January 21, 2012


It has been sub-freezing weather most of the past week. Mid 20s (F) for a few days. Despite space heaters in the shop and the boat, it is still chilly. I have exhausted most of the shop projects (don't talk to me about shop cleanup please). According to the forecast, warmer temperatures (mid 40s) and rain should wash away the snow soon. Can't wait.

There is a street there somewhere.

One of the boat's cockpit drains.


Colin said...

So I just got back from the Toronto Boat Show. I saw the 44 Catalina which was Cruising worlds boat of the year. What a piece of crap. Sorry but I was so disappointed! we currently have an O'day 30 but want to cruise down to the islands in a 40+. My fav's are the Whitby 42, the Brewer 12.8 and I like Endeavors. Her argument is that I could turn a key and go but you can't. there is no storage. The floor is covered in these weird pieces of board that appears to be part of an IKEA furniture kit. They are not locked down. No thought has being given to conditions in excess of 15 knots of wind, This was a real eye opener for me. They kept saying that the boat is "offshore rated". What does that mean and who decides. No rub rail, twigs for stanchions...sorry I need to vent!

robert s said...

Colin, LOL! A couple years ago, to fish for ideas, the admiral and I toured a brand new Jenneau at the boat show. All the other customers were oohing and ahhing at the $400k boat. We were pointing at stuff (like exposed screw heads in the joinery) saying OMG! or WTF? We stepped off the creaking boat shaking our heads.

Colin said...

I looked at Jenneaus and Hause. They bragged about a dollar store piece of plastic in the bilge that held 6 bottles of wine. They are pulling the same stunt as the power boat people.It is a passion purchase. One of the 40 footers had all the 'messy' sheets hidden under thin plastic covers. You need messenger lines to pull them though.The hatches are custom made and recessed into the coach roof. Ten years down the road you will not be able to replace them. One had what can only be described as car windshields running along the sides. They had a 20 pound chunk of granite covering the sink with nothing locking it down. I think you see where I am going with that. They put great emphasis on a roomy kitchen / seating area at the expense of everything else.Tiny beds, no way to get to the motor without a moving company. I did get a great deal on a new autopilot for my 30'and a renewed respect for old school boats.

Erick said...

WOW! Never seen anything like that frozen drain. I complain about the Florida summers, but I wouldn't know what to do about that kind of cold.

robert s said...

Erick, yes. I had a bunch of outside projects planned just before the freeze set in, scuttling those plans of course. Summer cannot come soon enough!