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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Final Tank Monitor and Pump Control Panel

In a previous post, I described the test panel I made for the bilge pump controls and tank monitors. Well, the final panel has been constructed and installed. It is constructed from plastic laminated (white) half inch plywood.
Original test panel.

Final version of pump control and tank monitor panel
Changes from the original test panel include addition of switches for the grey water discharge and fuel transfer pumps. Space has been left on the panel for a few more features that I may add later.

Here is a summary of features:

  • All four bilge pump switches allow automatic and manual override control of the bilge pumps
  • The high capacity "crash" pumps are alarmed (alarm will sound if pump runs for more than two minutes)
  • Manual pump switches for fuel transfer and grey water tank discharge.
  • Tank level gauges for all five fuel tanks, three water tanks, and grey water tank. Black water tanks will be wired in later.
  • Panel is hinged to drop down for easy access.
  • Room for future controls as needed.
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