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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Plumbing and Ducting

As domestic water service and air conditioner ducting is designed to run behind the forward salon settee backrests, now is the time to install it before the final frame in, while access is easy.
Port side water runs. Red is hot, blue is cold, white is seawater.
The port side has plumbing runs for hot, cold and raw water. Supply and return hose for the hydronic heating system also runs along here. The four inch air conditioning duct, wrapped in insulation tape (thanks Bill K for the reminder), runs along the upper side of the settee backrest.

Typical hose run behind settee backrest.
All plumbing will be accessible after the final frame in. It will just be more difficult than it is now.
Starboard side plumbing runs.
If this looks like a lot of plumbing lines, it is. This is because all forward service lines will be individually valved at a manifold underneath the forward salon floor. Every device that has a hot, cold and raw water input will have its own service hose for each. This means that each sink, shower and head service can be individually turned on or off at the manifold.
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