Saturday, March 31, 2012

12VDC Distribution Panel

Using the same tool used to the design the AC Panel (previous post), here is the 12VDC distribution panel.

In summary, this panel, located in the engine room, will control the 12VDC system for the propulsion engine, starting battery, communications battery and a few 12V circuits NOT controlled by the Mastervolt distributed power system.

12VDC Panel
12VDC Panel
From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

  1. Panel voltage
  2. Panel current draw
  3. Battery monitor for both 12VDC batteries (not sure on this one, this device provides WAY more features than I need)
  4. Remote battery selection switches. Left turns on/off engine start battery. Right turns on/off comms battery. Center parallels both batteries for emergencies (i.e. engine start battery dead)
  5. Propulsion engine hour meter
  6. Four DC circuits
  7. 12 volt aux receptacles (cigarette lighter type)
  8. Four DC circuits
 This is subject to change as I have a few more details to work out.


The Incredible Hull said...

Nice, but I would leave out the VSM, as you suggested. This technology is moving way too fast. I plan to have most of this data transferred by wifi to an ipad or similar. Plus the VSM is expensive.

Robert Sutton said...

Yeah, it was more for a place holder. I need to monitor two batteries. I haven't checked what the market offers as of late.