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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

AC Distribution Panel Schematic

Is looking something like this...
Breakers included for items we may want in the future (if ever).
This week, we will be looking into a custom panel made to order.

Update: Yesterday we spoke with Scott at Blue Sea Systems about the custom panel process. This has led to more refinements of the panel schematic as follows:
The dashed lines indicate the partitions for the Blue Sea 360 panel system


She:Kon said...

I designed and built my own panel. Not the cheapest way to go.

I used They give you the software and you can price out your project ont he fly.

Rick & Lori
M/V She:Kon (under construction)

Robert Sutton said...

R&L, thanks, that panel looks pretty cool. I have heard good things about frontpanelexpress.

We will be talking to the Blue Sea Systems people. They have a web "panel designer" application here

She:Kon said...

Have you checked out Great Lakes Skipper? You might find one there, OEM surplus, that'll meet your needs at about half the cost of new.

The Incredible Hull said...


You won't go far wrong with Scott McEniry at Blue Sea. The problem with home made stuff is that it can look home made (and Rick yours is one of the better ones I've seen). The problem with adapting surplus stuff is just that, you have to adapt. Telling the better half that if she switches on circuit 2 with circuit 8 she will blow the boat up can cause stress. Design the idiot factor out.


Robert Sutton said...

One of the reasons for going Blue Sea panels is their ELCI main breakers. Now an ABYC safety requirement (and a good one IMHO).

She:Kon said...

Thanks Robert.

"Design the idiot factor out."

I think I've done that keeping everything very very simple. The only switch she can't use is the "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator" and I protected that with a cover! :-)

Anonymous said...

You can run an A/c or Washer off the inverter...some inverter.

Robert Sutton said...

Anonymous: Is that a question or a statement? Sure, with a big enough battery bank and paralleled inverters you could run any of those things for a short time. Not sure we will. Its just a diagram.

Anonymous said...

If you are using say... Wind generator and solar cells. The wind is strong in the evening and light during the day, BUT for a few overlapping hours they are both generating max amps. how do you deal with that? Can this be managed? Additionally, what if the banks are all full prior to this event? You are away on a tour of a rum factory when this occurs. COLIN

Robert Sutton said...

Lets say 'automatic generator'. As in diesel DC generator.

Robert Sutton said...

Another possibility: automatic 'AC Generator'. In which case, the inverters turn into chargers.