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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Engine Room LED Lighting

One thing I want is a well lit engine room. Well lit such that one does not have to take a flashlight and stick it in corners to generally inspect things. My first attempt at a solution involves LED strip lighting. The LED strips used here are waterproof, flexible, with an adhesive backing. They can be daisy-chained end to end to make a longer strip. There are 32 LEDs per strip and are of the RGB type (red,green,blue) which means the strip can be programmed to whatever color you want.
LED lighting in "white" mode

The home-made controller has a couple push button switches for on/off and color selection (for now colors are white and red). There is also a knob to dim the LEDs to desired intensity.

I have started with four LED strips (128 LEDs total) and have installed them around the engine room worksurface. This is very much a prototype to see how well it functions. Initial results show these LED strips provide nice ambient light, but they are not sufficient as a "work light" when you want something bright and focused.
LED lighting in "red" mode

I have some more ideas for expanding the strip lighting functions, using the engine room as the test application. Depending on how things go, I may use more throughout the boat. More on this later.

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