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Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Wire Pulled

Run through the port side upper conduit, installed way back when, is wiring for
  • windlass control (AWG 16/4)
  • thruster control (AWG 16/4)
  • bow pulpit navigation light (AWG 14/2)
The windlass and thruster cables are not current carrying. They will be used to open/close solenoid switches for up/down (windlass) and left/right (thruster). The most current these will carry is on the order of milliamps.

Hanging coils of wire in the engine room.

Run through the "leftmost" split-loom on the port side are three more AC circuits

  • forward battery bank charger (AWG 12/3)
  • watermaker (AWG 12/3)
  • forward A/C unit (AWG 12/3)

All wires are homed to the engine room. It is starting to look like a jungle.


Anonymous said...

dig that crazy lighting! Colin

Robert Sutton said...

Colin, I am diggin' it, listening to the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack, while working on the boat today. Disco WILL make a comeback! That is my prediction, lol.