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Monday, April 30, 2012

Do Real Men Sew?

Quite a bit early for the Westsail project, but better late than never for the small boat as we have had a bunch of canvas projects in queue for some time...

The admiral picked up an industrial sewing machine (Consew) from a neighbor of ours down at the marina. The owner had closed down her canvas business and was looking to unload some equipment. We already have a nice Pfaff sewing machine at home, and I have used it to hack together a couple canvas bits for the small boat (emphasis on hack). But the admiral says its really not great for heavy material like canvas. Something about poor thread tension. This new (to us) machine will sew heavy canvas and sailcloth. I am looking forward to becoming incredibly dangerous with this machine.

Includes table mounted on platform with casters.

Built in worklight.

Wide "throat". Rack for large thread spools.

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