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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Engine Room Scale Layout

Traditional wiring on a boat this size usually has a big main breaker panel located somewhere in the main cabin. As impressive as such an installation may appear, we are choosing to have most electrical controls in the engine room. In normal electrical distribution this would not make much sense as one would need to go to the engine room to turn on/off any device. But we are using digital switching which allows for multiple display terminals, which can be placed just about anywhere, for everyday control of devices.

With circuit diagrams and electrical equipment selection coming together, I can start on the scale layout of how all of this stuff will fit and be placed in the engine room. The drawing in the picture is a scale drawing of the surfaces available for mounting equipment. The center region is what you would see if you were sitting in the engine room facing the port side. Surrounding it are the left, right, overhead and below counter surfaces. Layed out are scale images of battery chargers, transformers inverters, panels, etc. The pictures shows things as if everything were "kitted out" in Phase III.

The purpose of this exercise is to help determine wire routes and ensure there is enough physical space.

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