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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why This Westsail Will Have Zero Topside Teak

Pictures presented without comment.

Small Boat Diversion: Applying annual varnish refresher coats.
Repeat: "Perfection is not the goal. This is to protect the wood."


Bill K said...

I don't have much teak, BUT it is more than I want.

Bill Kelleher

Anonymous said...

I want to run a question by you. I can't get the same answer from two electricians! If I have a fuse rated (125V 5 amps) and I run 12 volts @ 5 amps, will it blow. Are Amps...Amps no matter what the voltage. I ask because my sailboat has breakers that read 125v 5 amps. These are on a 12 volt circuit. Colin

Robert Sutton said...

Colin. Amps are Amps, no matter what. Amps is a measurement of charge flow. That is, electrons through a wire. In AC, the current changes direction in a sine wave fashion, in which case, amps are measured at the "peak" (or "valley", same thing). But at that instant, it is just as if DC were flowing.

So yes, that fuse will blow at more than 5 amp draw, whether a 125AC, 12vDC or 24vDC circuit.

Anonymous said...

I have been told since my question that you can scale down but not up. E.G. You can't use a 12v 5 amp fuse on a 600 volt 5 amp circuit. The other electrician I work with said the fuse made for a 120 V circuit won't 'burn' correctly on a 12V circuit of the same ampere rating.
COLIN. P.S. I might be heading up to Toronto to look at a restored 1973 Whitby 42.It was listed in Cruising worlds classified. God help me.

Robert Sutton said...

Thanks Colin, learn somethin' new. Yeah. I suppose there are fuses designed to "blow" differently for various applications and voltages. Good luck on the whitby!

Kees said...

That 'scaling up not down' is because of isolation. A 'car style' 5 A blade fuse will probably blow at 240 V at 5 A as well, but isn't rated to be safe at that voltage.