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Friday, May 18, 2012

Marine Stainless Fittings LTD

A small boat diversion...

Anytime you step onto a boat (on the hard, or in the water, it doesn't matter) with the plan of tackling one task, you step off with five more added to the todo list. Such was the case last weekend when we were re-bedding the leaky portlights on the small boat. At the end of the day I was hauling the propane galley stove up the dock to take home to the garage for a good cleaning. Aside from the burner surface, it has never been cleaned in twenty years.

As I was removing panels and getting into the corners of the oven for cleaning, I noticed how well built this stove was. Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, a welded stainless frame with clean, almost 'artistic' weld quality, and side panels secured with many rivets. Your typical Force 10 brand galley stoves, with thinly stamped stainless and plastic parts, do not come close to the build quality of this stove. And mechanically, this little stove has never let us down.

Having seen the new stove options out there, it would be nice if I could find a larger version (at least three burner) for the Westsail. Branded as "Mariner", this stove is at least 25 years old and was made by Marine Stainless Fittings LTD in Auckland. To our knowledge, the business know longer exists (a google search provides nothing). I guess I could try and keep an eye on the used market.

Got a lead on a used one of these that you can share? Please post a comment!


Anonymous said...

A quick search came up with this web site:

Sounds & looks to be the same company with a different tradename.

Robert Sutton said...

Thanks. Looks like it is. I had visited that site before but I guess I didnt dig deep enough. Turns out they made a three-burner stove called the "Mariner Regal." Seems a used one pops up on the internet every now and then.